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One of the key advantages of LP Converse is its versatility in supporting different types of communication. It offers both agent-based chats and chatbots powered by Natural Language Processing (NLP) to cater to different customer support needs. This enables businesses to automate responses, provide quick answers to queries, and deliver personalized experiences.

WhatsApp business solution for your business needs

LP Converse helps companies send thousands of messages including marketing, customer support, and transactional messages to both existing and millions of potential clients who use WhatsApp, across the world easily.

Who We Are?

LP Converse is a comprehensive messaging platform that helps businesses effectively engage with their customers and potential clients across various communication channels. It provides a centralized solution for sending messages, managing contacts, and utilizing chatbots to streamline marketing, customer support, and transactional communication.

With LP Converse, businesses can leverage popular messaging apps like WhatsApp, SMS, email, and Viber to reach millions of customers globally. The platform offers features such as scheduling messages, sending real-time updates, collecting payments, and conducting surveys to enhance customer satisfaction and drive revenue growth.

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